Health, Safety & Environment Management & Mitigation
Health, Safety & Environment Management & Mitigation

Health, Safety & Environment Management & Mitigation

When an employee is seriously sick or injured, providing immediate access to appropriate medical treatment is a priority.

However, when that illness or injury occurs offshore or at some other remote location, the onsite medical resources are limited and expert resources may be thousands of miles and many time zones away.


An operator has offshore drilling platforms and marine vessels located around the world. Each platform may be staffed with a medic or medical technician but they cannot generally provide the same level of care as a physician or highly trained medical professional.

When a serious illness or injury occurs, how will the operator ensure the employee receives access to the best and most appropriate care available when the qualified resources are not onsite?


Implement a solution that allows the offshore medical staff to collaborate in real-time with onshore physicians and medical specialists in the event of serious injury or illness allowing them to visualize, first hand, the situation and conditions.


As a complement to phone consultations, the operator deployed RealityVision® to provide real- time video communications between the offshore location and expert medical staff in the United States.

When medical emergencies occur in the field, remote field personnel use RealityVision to transmit real-time video directly to their staffed care facility.

RealityVision allows the medical staff to view and diagnose the condition and direct treatment based upon what they see – not just the verbal descriptions provided by those onsite. RealityVision helps ensure the best care is always available to their remote teams.