Use Cases

RealityVision® is a proven game changer in situations involving national security, public safety, global business operations, and the global war on terror. Our client case studies and real world scenarios highlight the power that video at the mobile edge offers both business and government customers.

DC Fusion Center

The Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department relied on RealityVision to help them protect elected officials, foreign dignitaries, and the general public.

Operation RealEyes

RealityVision® is part of a government security agency test to examine the efficacy of real-time response scenarios.

Protecting the Super Bowl

At Super Bowl XL, undercover federal agents using everyday mobile devices, powered by RealityVision, monitored the safety of players and fans attending the game.

Preserving a Powerful Reputation

When an urgent situation surfaces that threatens to disrupt power to its 9+ million customers, Consolidated Edison relies on RealityVision to help.

Remote Drilling & Operations

RealityVision® allows companies to bring experts and resources to remote locations to manage dangerous operations, protect lives, and save money.

Improved Quality Assurance & Control

When a west Texas onshore operator had an unexpected pump failure, the team used RealityVision to minimize the time and resources of experts needed to repair the pump.

Health, Safety & Environment Management & Mitigation

When a serious medical crisis arose at an offshore site the medic used RealityVision as a complement to a phone consult to treat the patient.

Event Disaster & Response

A spill response is based upon the most current and accurate information. RealityVision can coordinate land, sea, and air communications for effective crisis control and clean up operations.

Cut the Red Wire

When a bomb is discovered at a busy international port, explosive experts can reach for RealityVision® to share live images, access critical files and archives, and determine the exact nature of the threat.

Improving Security Responsiveness at the Nation’s Busiest Cargo Port

Reality Mobile and its RealityVision® product demonstrated a technology that would provide accurate transmission of images using COTS technology.